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Releasing Extraordinary Value

Value Management: Translating Aspirations into Performance

Value Management:
Translating Aspirations
into Performance

The 'must read' book written by Impact Dynamics' Roger Davies and Adam Davies. Published by Gower.

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Impact Dynamics, Leader in Value Management

Impact Dynamics Limited (IDL) is a niche management consultancy founded in 2002 by the Managing Director, Roger Davies, specialising in Value Management and passionately committed to helping our clients to realise major shifts in their business and individual performance.

Watch our 3 part interview with Impact Dynamics, Managing Director, Roger Davies and find out how Value Management could help your organisation.

Value Management
Part 1

Interview with Roger Davies Part 1

Roger Davies talks to Jon Collins about the definition of Value Management, and why it is so important in today's challenging business environment.

Value Management
Part 2

Interview with Roger Davies Part 1

Roger Davies talks to Jon Collins about how Value Management can help you to direct, drive and deliver far greater value from change programmes, outlining key steps of the approach.

Value Management
Part 3

Interview with Roger Davies Part 1

Roger Davies talks to Jon Collins about the advanced techniques and dynamics tools that enable Impact Dynamics to help you to realise extraordinary value quickly in your own business and repeat success through the highly collaborative action learning approach.

How can Impact Dynamics help you?

We can help you to:

  • Focus on value creation by defining the most critical drivers of stakeholder value and incorporating them into a dynamic performance framework reflecting true cause and effect linkage to financial outcomes in your vision
  • Direct all resources to value creation by cascading performance measures throughout your business and aligning them causally to the vision
  • Release latent value by eliminating subtle waste and exposing hidden opportunities using advanced dynamics modelling
  • Maximise Return On Investment (ROI) in change by building robust business cases which link intended benefits dynamically to specific deliverable milestones and optimise the structure and timing of programmes by value
  • Deliver or exceed intended value by actively tracking programme value and directing the most effective action to correct negative variances and exploit positive changes
  • Optimise overall value across your entire portfolio of change initiatives through precise, dynamic linkage between projects and programmes
  • Build performance dashboards and balanced scorecard frameworks comprising the most critical drivers of business value

Can Impact Dynamics be trusted?

During a period exceeding 30 years, Roger Davies has applied Value Management successfully in over 100 major programmes, across virtually every sector, private and public.

You can contact Impact Dynamics on
+44 (0)1252 836933 or click here to email us.

Our Mission

"To enable businesses and individuals to attain new levels in sustainable value performance."

Our Values

Deliver against intentions: Define clear outcomes then deliver them with speed and certainty.

Promote win-win solutions: Balance and integrate value across stakeholders by combining innovation with integrity.

Practice precise simplicity: Simplify complexity through causal precision linking actions to outcomes.